Chino Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

this image shows railroad tie retaining walls in Chino, California

There are many different types of retaining walls, but railroad ties are one type that is often overlooked. Railroad ties may not be the best choice for all projects, but when they work well, they can provide homeowners with a cost-effective way to keep the ground in their yard from slumping away. They also have an aesthetic appeal that many other types of retaining walls do not offer. If you’re interested in using railroad tie retaining walls on your property, contact us at (909) 443-2092 now.

About Chino Concrete & Masonry 

Chino Concrete & Masonry is a locally-owned business providing high-quality construction services in Chino, California. The company’s experienced team of masons and concrete workers can complete a wide variety of jobs for both residential and commercial customers throughout the area. From patios to driveways to drainage solutions, we have you covered! Our team of experts can also take care of railroad tie retaining walls in Chino. If you have any questions about our services or are interested in scheduling an estimate, please give us a call at (909) 443-2092 now!

About Chino Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

Railroad ties can be used to create attractive and effective retaining wall solutions for your property. They make an aesthetically pleasing addition to the landscape while serving as functional elements that keep soil from slipping away over time when laid out side by side next to one another. With plenty of experience helping clients throughout Chino choose railroad tie retaining walls, we know how important it is for homeowners to find quality products when expanding their landscaping projects into these areas. We are happy to offer railroad ties built with quality and durability in mind so you can be sure they will provide great results for many years to come.

Pros of Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

There are many benefits to railroad tie retaining walls. Some of the top advantages include:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to install
  • Ease of maintenance and repair

Cons of Railroad Ties Retaining Walls

While railroad ties retaining walls are very effective, there are some concerns that you should be aware of. For example:

  • Sustainability issues with railroad ties (depending on how they’ve been treated)
  • Not aesthetically pleasing in every situation

How do Railroad Ties Retaining Walls Differ from other Types of Retaining Wall?

Railroad ties retaining walls are very different from other types of retaining walls.  Some of the key differences include:

Railroad ties are a sustainable material for railroad infrastructure. However, there is some debate about how sustainable they are when used in landscaping projects. Cheap railroad ties have been treated with chemicals that can leach into soil and groundwater over time, while untreated railroad ties may not be able to stand up against erosion as well.

Railroad Ties retain walls need deep foundations due to their weight; unlike other types of retaining wall where you can use frost footings or helical piers. Railway ballast should be removed before construction if it is present at all; this means extra costs above what you paid for the railroad tie itself your contractor removes it themselves before construction. Railroad tie Retaining Walls have a linear look, while most other retaining walls have a blocky or masonry appearance.

Why You Should Consider Chino Concrete & Masonry for Your New railroad Tie Retaining Wall

Railroad ties are very effective when laid out in an aesthetically pleasing pattern on your property to prevent soil from eroding over time. If you want the best railroad tie solution available near Chino, California, then contact us at (909) 443-2092 now! We offer railroad ties that come with quality assurance and durability guarantees so you can be confident they will stand up against erosion effectively without showing signs of wear or decay after some time passes by.

Our team has plenty of experience completing railroad tie retaining wall projects of all shapes and sizes for homeowners in Chico, CA. We are dedicated to providing the best railroad ties, including full warranty coverage, so you have a hassle-free experience while getting your landscaping project underway!

We also offer various additional services that can help make your home or business stand out as an attractive addition to the neighborhood while reducing maintenance needs over time. Whether it’s stone veneer siding, decorative concrete work, stamped patios, driveway pavers, or more, we have covered throughout Chino, California.