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Depending on the space available, there are different shapes layouts of stairs that you can choose from in Montclair Chino Concrete. These include:

Open Staircase

This is one of the most popular stairs design as it offers a natural way to get upstairs. Masonry contractors Montclair can design it in a straight flight, S-shape, half turn staircase, or quarter-turn staircase. Depending on the space available, a good masonry contractor can design the open staircase to adjust to any configuration. This type of stairs is also very comfortable and easy to walk on.

Spiral Staircase

This is a good option for providing that touch of class. These types of stairs shouldn’t be confused with helical or curved stairs. Even though both kinds of stairs have a helical arc, spiral stairs are very compact and have a tread twisting around the center pole. A good mason in Montclair can design the spiral stairs to increase the spiral shape to a high level.

One of the benefits of a spiral stair is that it reduces the floor area needed to create the spiral stair. This stair can be enhanced to ensure that it is the key feature of the home.

Curved or Helical Staircases

If you would like to leave a statement on your interior design, you should opt for a curved or helical staircase. No central column is required for this type of stairs. It can be designed in a way that the supporting structure comes with stringers. It is possible to create different layouts, half-circle, circular, S-shaped, or other special shapes. It is also possible to create different styles ranging from traditional to contemporary styles.

Mixed Staircases

If your home has restricted space and you need an exclusive staircase design, you may opt for a combination staircase. This kind of stair has a straight exit with the spiral or curve treading as the intermediate steps. You can enhance the comfort of your stairs by choosing a spiral stairway that has straight exit or entrance steps.

Whether you need a glass stairway or wooden spiral stairs, you can count on Montclair masonry contractors to help you make the right choice. One of the recommended names in the Montclair area is Chino Concrete & Masonry.

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