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Chino Concrete & Masonry is a locally-owned business providing concrete and masonry services in La Verne for many years. The company specializes in concrete, brick, block, stone, paving stones, retaining walls, and more. We offer free estimates on all of their services! If you are interested in hiring excellent concrete contractors in La Verne, contact Chino Concrete & Masonry today for your free estimate. Dial (909) 443-2092 today!

About Chino Concrete & Masonry

There are many different ways people like to use concrete, such as in the foundation of their home or building a retaining wall around their property. You might also need it for something like building a sidewalk or patio in front of your house. The good news is that Chino Concrete & Masonry specializes in all these sorts of projects and more! We will work with you every step of the way, from choosing the right design and color scheme to installing everything correctly so that it lasts long into the future without any cracks or chips. Don’t hesitate; call (909) 443-2092 today for a free concrete and masonry estimate!

Concrete and Masonry Services in La Verne, CA

As you contemplate your next home improvement project, the decision about which type of material to use for a new patio or driveway may seem like an easy one. Concrete and masonry are popular options with homeowners; however, there is more to these two materials than meets the eye. One key difference between concrete and masonry is that concrete can be poured into any shape, whereas brick or stone must be cut into specific shapes before installation. Concrete is often the more economical option.

Chino Concrete & Masonry provides concrete and masonry services in La Verne, CA, for homeowners looking to beautify their home’s exterior with a new patio or driveway. We will work closely with you to choose the best concrete color schemes, textures, and designs while staying within your budget.

Our services include:

Brick Masonry

As concrete and masonry contractors, we can install brick or stone on your home for a pristine look. We use only the highest quality brick to ensure that it will last for years without cracking or chipping. Our team of skilled professionals is well-versed in many different types of masonry, such as:


Concrete patios are an economical and attractive option for homeowners looking to add a new outdoor space to their homes. The concrete can be poured in any shape you wish, including curves or circles that mimic the style of your existing brick patio.

Concrete Driveways

If you need concrete work done around your house, such as building up low spots on the lawn or installing a concrete driveway, give us a call. We are experienced concrete contractors in La Verne and can ensure that your concrete foundation is strong.

Concrete Steps

A concrete staircase will add value to your home and an attractive new feature for guests to admire. Our team of skilled craftsmen have installed countless steps and stairs all over La Verne and can help you choose the concrete color scheme or design that will look best on your property.

Pool Decks

Adding concrete around your pool can provide a fun new outdoor space for friends and family to gather. We apply the concrete to create an attractive design or color scheme, so you get the most bang for your buck with these entertaining spaces.

Retaining Walls

If your garden looks a little tired and overgrown, concrete retaining walls can make the area look new again. These structures are not only functional but also attractive; we use concrete so that it looks natural with the surrounding landscape.

Stamped Patio

A concrete stamped patio is a unique way to add style and value to your home. The concrete can be imprinted with an attractive design or color scheme that will make the space pop out at guests who visit your house throughout the year.

Concrete Slabs

If you need concrete work done around your property, concrete slabs are a great option. The concrete can be poured in any shape or size you require; we will help design the perfect solution for your needs.

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Are you looking for concrete and masonry services in La Verne, CA? If so, contact Chino Concrete & Masonry today to schedule an estimate. We are the concrete contractors you can trust; we provide beautiful concrete work that will make your home look its very best year-round. Call us now at (909) 443-2092.