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Construction projects don’t come cheap. One of your major concerns will be the cost of constructing a retaining wall in Jurupa valley. However, if this is your concern, you will need to realize that several factors can affect the cost of a retaining wall. These include:

  • Reinforcement. Where there is an extra reinforcement necessary as a result of the risk of an earthquake, labor and material costs will be higher
  • Curves. The number of curves in a wall and the complexity of the formwork will affect the cost of the retaining wall. 
  • Height. Like you would guess, a taller wall will consume more concrete and therefore increase the cost. Besides that, concrete contractors in Jurupa Valley agree that if the wall has a length of more than four feet, it will need to be poured in two phases. The concrete contractor will start with the footing before completing the wall. This will result in a higher cost of labor.
  • Length. If the wall is longer, it will consume more concrete, and this will raise the cost. A longer wall will also take more time and energy to construct, resulting in increased labor costs. 
  • Decorative finish. If the wall is unfinished, it will be more affordable. But when color or texture is added on the wall’s surface, this will enhance the look. However, it will also mean a higher cost of labor and material.
  • Engineering. Does the wall play a role in the home’s stability? If yes, you will need to consult an engineer. The cost of hiring a specialty engineer will add to the overall cost.

Many other factors affect the cost of a retaining wall in Jurupa Valley. These include access, location, moisture levels, location, and more. To determine how much your retaining wall will cost, you need to speak to a concrete contractor Jurupa Valley. 

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If you need a quality retaining wall, you will need to hire a qualified and experienced concrete contractor. This is important as the forms need to be well built. The contractor will also need to create key drainage and waterproofing elements. If your wall isn’t properly waterproofed, water may permeate through the wall leading to discoloration. If there is no proper drainage, there could be a build-up of hydrostatic pressure causing the wall to lean outwards.

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