Chino Concrete Steps

The landscape around your home or business can be made to look very inviting with just a few simple amenities. A well-cared-for lawn, some flowers beneath the window ledges, fairy lights in the trees. These do it yourself tricks often produce splendid results on a low budget. Going a little further, you may wish to invest in a stamped concrete walk or driveway. Retaining walls along sloping tracts can also provide a handsome welcome for visiting guests.

High-Quality Chino Concrete Steps

Though in the midst of all of these good things, let us not forget an important part of the look. A part that involves safety as well as aesthetic appearance:  Let us not forget about your concrete stairs. Chino Concrete & Masonry is staffed with professionals to make sure these stairs are exactly the ones San Bernardino area residents need.

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As with many features for your home or business, styles abound. The stairs you choose for your building, indoor or outdoor, should be both practical and complementary. We assist our clients with those choices to ensure the best, most logical fit for their surroundings.

Keeping Concrete Simple

For instance, straight stairs are the most basic, affordable route to go for an attractive piece that keeps a low profile. Straight stairs are simple to install and require no complex support or railing designs. Keep in mind that they do, however, tend to take up a little more space to do their job.

Straight stairs with a half landing are typically used for very large, high-ceiling rooms that command more than sixteen steps to reach the next level. This height creates the necessity for a landing. But because the style takes up even more room than straight stairs it is not usually recommended for private homes. For those huge rooms though, and for outdoor use, this option is a sensible choice.

Intricate Yet Effectual Concrete

And speaking of outdoors, don’t be fooled into thinking simple is the only way to go. Chino Concrete & Masonry knows the value of complexity as well as functionality and gives its clients both with a professional dedication to the craft.

Decorative concrete and concrete stamping open up a wide vista of patterns for you to choose. We can not only replicate the look of natural elements like cobblestone, slate, and brick but marry this look to the design of your landscape without sacrificing practicality and purpose.

Wide, flat steps painted in bright colors can give your property a modern look that blends well with a cityscape. They are also popular around swimming pools and patios.

Patterned concrete steps are often used to create a Spanish or Mediterranean atmosphere, which clicks perfectly with buildings designed with these same flairs in mind. 

Chiseled steps give your home or business an old-time, natural charm visitors will pause to admire. These steps look great with flagstone patios or curving along a flower-grown path.

Given here are but a few options you have when you decide to call Chino Concrete & Masonry at (909) 443-2092 for concrete steps in Chino.

Let our dedicated team of highly experienced contractors give you the beautiful stairs you’re looking for, in the sphere of safety, beauty, and practicality.