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Retaining walls are structures that are used to retain or hold soil. These are usually created using different materials such as poured concrete, concrete blocks, boulders, rocks, and timbers. The goal of the wall is to prevent the downward movement of the soil. Concrete retaining walls can add to the aesthetic value of a landscape in Chino Hills.

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Benefits of Retaining Walls

Some of the benefits of retaining walls are:

  • Offer support that helps to keep soil in place
  • Ensures there are no sinkholes and remove the eyesores created by dirt piles and hills 
  •  Ensures that flooding doesn’t occur
  • Prevents damage of properties and other surrounding structures

Types of Retaining Walls

There are several types of retaining walls. These include:

Cantilever Retaining Walls

These types of walls are made using reinforced concrete. They often have a relatively thin stem and base slab. The base is usually divided into two parts, the toe, and the heel. The heel is the part of the base that is located beneath the backfill. The rest of the wall is referred to as the toe. These types of retaining walls don’t consume a lot of concrete-like monolithic gravity. However, concrete contractors Chino Hills needs to be careful in the design and construction process. 

Cantilever retaining walls are usually economical when constructed to a maximum height of 25 feet. It is also possible to pre-cast them in a factory, or they can be created on the construction site. 

Counterfort Retaining Walls

These are very similar to the cantilever walls. The only difference is that they consist of thin vertical concrete webs made at irregular intervals on the backside of the walls. These webs are often referred to as counterforts, and they help to bind the base and slab together. Their goal is to minimize the shear forces as well as bending moments caused by the soil. They also help to increase the wall’s weight resulting from the extra concrete. These walls are less expensive than the cantilever walls if they weigh above 25 feet.

Gravity Poured Walls

These walls depend on their weight and the soil resting on concrete to resist the lateral forces of the earth. These are a good choice for walls with a maximum height of 10 feet for the cast concrete structures. These walls are greatly big to the point that they don’t need to be reinforced. They can also be created on the site.

Semi-Gravity Walls

This is a kind of gravity poured walls. The walls have reinforcing steel that helps to reduce the wall’s thickness without the need for great reinforcement. The walls can be a combination of the cantilever designs and gravity walls.

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