Concrete Foundation Contractor

If the ground freezes at a place where you are going to construct a building or other construction, concrete foundation is the barest necessity. It is a traditional foundation of putting a frost line below which walls are raised on it. As is technically required, the footing is wider than the wall. Thus, additional support is provided at the base of the foundation. 

Traditionally, the foundation is T-shaped. After constructing the walls, the slab is poured. Since the foundation is exposed to the risk of freezing, the concrete foundation must be done by technically well-versed construction companies such as Chino Concrete & Masonry. You can contact us at (909) 443-2092 to get free estimates.

Slab-on Grade – Foundation

It is a single layer of concrete with a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Depending upon the local building codes and the floor loads, it may be required to insert reinforcement. of the rod. The thickness of the slab maybe 5 to 6 inches, where occasional heavy loads may be put by motors or garbage trucks. The ground level is cut to the proper depth for allowing the thickness of the slab. The edges are poured, thicker for forming an integral footing. The thickened edge is strengthened by reinforcing rods.

To avoid any damage, the slab is made to rest on a bed of crushed gravel. To prevent any chance of cracking, wire mesh is cast in the concrete. A concrete foundation with this type of concrete slab is suitable for an area that does not freeze. But, it can be adapted along with skirt insulation for preventing it from being impacted by the frost eaves. It is affordable, comfortable, and environment-friendly. Skirt insulation is cost-effective and reduces heat loss by keeping the basement walls at a higher temperature.

Frost Protected Foundation

This type of concrete foundation is adapted for a heated structure. The method is suitable for areas with frost where the slab-on-grade foundation is used. But, the process takes care of freezing that could not be taken care of by a slab-on-grade foundation. The frost-protected foundation uses two rigid sheets of polystyrene insulation. One piece of cloth is put on the outside of the foundation wall, and the other one is laid on a bed of gravel. Thus, freezing is prevented, and the structures above the ground stay intact.

Our Activities for Concrete Foundation

  • Marking of foundation layout at the client’s site
  • Excavation of earth up to the required depth
  • Leveling of soil
  • Planning of PCC
  • Placement of reinforcement steel
  • Erection of concrete framework for footings
  • Installation of concrete and leveling the concrete surface
  • Removal of formwork
  • Curing of concrete
  • Application of finishing coats on the concrete surface
  • Cleaning up of the site
  • Backfilling of excavation up to the required depth

Besides laying the concrete foundation in Chino, we also take up foundation removal, which is a highly strenuous and dangerous job. Construction and demolition are entirely two different jobs requiring different skills. Only professional construction contractors like Chino Concrete & Masonry can do such work.

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