Turf Installation

Natural turf is a piece of a surface layer of land on which grass grows naturally. To turf is the act of covering with turfs for creating a lawn by laying turf. Initially, the turf was used for playing individual sports. Now, artificial turf is used as residential lawns.

Turf stands up for rough and tough use as in sports. It does not need irrigation or trimming. Turf installation is the act of replacing the natural grass with artificial synthetic grass that serves the same purpose of natural grass. We at Chino Concrete & Masonry have the expertise and long years of experience in turf related works in Chino.

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Uses of Turf Installation

  • Athletic tracks
  • Hockey turf
  • Multi-sports turf
  • Cricket Turf
  • Football turf
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Classroom flooring

Types of Artificial Grass


It is commonly referred to as nylon and is very strong. It can withstand high temperatures and heavy/foot traffic without losing its original shape. The major drawback is its high cost. Secondly, it lacks natural appearance because of its stiffness and texture. It finds general applicability as lawn or landscaping material because it is highly durable.


It is the cheapest but the least durable. It suits those on a limited budget. It can’t withstand high temperatures. It will look unnatural over time as it will lose its shape. You can choose it as a decorative grass that does not have much traffic.


As a homeowner, you may choose it for a natural-looking lawn. But, it does not suit for sports or landscaping. Since it contains porosity, it can’t retain odors, as is done by nylon. But, you can hose away pet smells and waste. It comes with ranges of price options.

Process of Turf Installation-What we do?


We will check for Underground hazards

Prepare the Area – How we do?

  • Get rid of weeds
  • Remove the top layer of soil
  • Plan the drainage
  • Install a Blender Board by mapping out the perimeter
  • Optional: Install a Gopher Wire by rolling it little by little. Put a u-shaped staple every few feet.
  • Optional: Install a weed barrier by laying out a geotextile layer at the bottom of the dug-up area

Lay your Base – How We Perform Turf Installation

  • Put in your sub-base material that maybe stone, crushed rock, gravel, decomposed granite, rocks smaller than 3/8 inches
  • Add Sharp Sand
  • Water the whole area
  • Compact your stones
  • Level the entire place

Attach Your Artificial Grass – How We Finish?

  • Plan the placing; all they are faced in the same direction so that they look more natural.
  • Roll your turf outside
  • Roll your turf back in
  • Roll turf out on installation surface
  • Use a carpet stretcher or a carpet kicker
  • Seam your turf pieces together
  • Lay your seam tape out
  • Stitch
  • Apply pressure
  • Spike to keep the turf in place

If you want your artificial turf to look perfectly natural and last for a long time, contact Chino Concrete & Masonry at (909) 443-2092, and one of our experts will be at your service asap!