Chino Pool Deck

A pool deck makes your pool amazing by adding style to it. Materials play an important role in designing and building a deck for your pool. The deck around your pool should be amazing to improve your pool and home’s aesthetics. Besides being stylish, the deck should also be non-slip to ensure you don’t slip and fall. At Chino Concrete and Masonry, we install amazing decks for pools in Chino that are guaranteed to last.

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Top Pool Deck Contractor

If you are looking to achieve safety, a stamped concrete pool deck is what you should go for. It provides a non-slip floor by creating traction. This way, you won’t slip and fall even if the deck is wet. This type of deck is what we should install for you, especially if you have kids. Kids are prone to slipping, and you should let us guarantee their safety.

Materials for Decking Your Swimming Pool

Decks can be made with several materials. Going for the best option can be hard, and you need help from a concrete contractor like us. Let’s take a look at some of the common choices available.


Poured concrete is commonly used when it comes to decking pools. This is because it is both affordable and durable. With bare concrete being dull, you need something to turn it attractive and lavish. A stamped concrete pool deck is a good option. It is designed to give your deck an appealing look and create a slip-resistant floor at the same time.

However, concrete has some drawbacks. The main disadvantage with concrete is it might not be perfect for cold areas as it might crack after some time. Get an expert concrete contractor like us to pour your deck for durability.


Wood is also a good choice for a deck as it creates a beautiful amazing appearance. It is usually used in places with irregular landscapes as it can be built off the ground. The drawbacks of wood as decking material is that it is quite expensive to maintain.


A stone deck will last for years thanks to the durability and strength that comes with stone. With it, the maintenance costs are kept minimal. This is an option to go for if your budget is tight. While heat can greatly affect a stone deck, it is good to do cool deck coating during hot seasons. This way, your deck will last longer. Other decking materials include tiles and pavers.

Remodelling Your Pool

If the deck around your pool is looking old, it is time you gave us a call to remodel it. Kool Deck is a good option when it comes to remodelling. It is able to keep your deck cool even on the hottest days of the year. It is the best option for coating your outdoor surfaces. Both cool deck and Kool deck work fine with almost all decks.

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