If you’ve seen any of the work we do you probably don’t need to read this. That is, you already know how much quality means to us. If you haven’t seen our work we’ll just have to do our best here to tell you why we’re the best.

It starts with years of experience. Yes, we’ve been at this concrete and masonry thing for a long, long time. When you’re passionate about a craft it’s hard to take time off. We refer to our projects as work, but in truth, they scarcely seem as much. A quote credited to the philosopher Confucius goes:  Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Lucky us, we were able to do just that very thing.

And because we love what we do, it’s imperative for us that you’re happy with that new retaining wall, outdoor fireplace, field stone walkway, or whatever our stone and concrete service constructs for your property. Nor do we mean happy just for today, but for years down the road.

Our work will stand the test of time. Live in an older residence that could stand a bit of touch-up? We also do excellent resurfacing and refinishing for those grand warhorses built in the era of James Dean or Marilyn Monroe.

Dependable Chino Masonry Service

Of course, getting a quality job done is only part of what makes us the right business to call. We also meet deadlines with impeccable accuracy so our clients understand not only what, but when. Which isn’t to say our teams need to rush out a shoddy pool deck after the two-minute warning. At Chino Concrete & Masonry proper handiwork always comes first, but since we also know quite well how to manage a clock, rare is the occasion when we ask for extra time.

That’s because, from the very beginning of your project, an effective schedule is outlined and adhered to. The men and women we employ are full of smiles, yet always take a serious approach to their craft. They believe in a hard day’s work. And why not? As we mentioned, it doesn’t feel like work at all. Concrete and stone masonry is an art form. A method of creative expression. And when you call on us we bring our skills right to your door.

Chino Concrete and Stone Support

No, we’re not talking about pillars or frames (though we know plenty about their installation). In this case, support means aid for a client who might be stuck on a decision for the right material, the right color, or the right design. Our expert contractors can make helpful suggestions on what might work best, or what you may wish to avoid. A brief study of the landscape fills our heads with ideas just the way it does your own. The trained eyes of our professionals will know what’s going to click. After all, we’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time.
We’re happy to keep going. All it takes is a call from our most important client:  You.

And now that you’re familiar with what we do, the right choice for concrete and stone masonry is crystal clear. Call (909) 443-2092 today.