Chino Stained Concrete

Coloring techniques for concrete come to us in many guises. Oxidized powder offers a wide range of colors that withstand the elements for a long time. A simple paintbrush does the job fast with, again, many colors to choose from. But when you need rich, layered colors that run deep, and shine so alluring it makes the concrete seem to glow with its own light, the proper choice has to be the Chino stained concrete method.

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What is Concrete Staining?

Concrete stains are most often a carefully prepared mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. They seep into the pores of the concrete much like a dye does for cloth, changing the color of the entire canvas, not just the surface. This full-on color infiltration produces a striking translucent effect that can gleam with different shades depending on the quality of light upon it. Another benefit of this technique is that the color will not fade, chip, break, or peel.

The two most common ways to stain concrete are acid-based and water-based. Each has its own benefits and whether or not you use one over the other is really a matter of personal preference.

About Acid-based Staining

Acid stains change the color of your concrete via a chemical reaction. This popular method has been around for many years, and because of its tendency to infuse its target with a mystical glow gets tons of compliments from those who see it. Acid staining can be used indoors or out but must be neutralized after application to halt its effect. We must also point out that colors for acid-based staining are typically limited to earth tones.

About Water-based Staining

Here we introduce a much newer method for staining concrete. It does not rely on chemical reaction and is therefore safer. It also gives crafts persons a much wider palette of colors to use; in fact, the sky is pretty much the limit here when it comes to colors. These colors can even be blended and layered to create magnificent designs both indoors and out. They dry faster, save time, and reduce labor. For these benefits, water-based staining has become vastly popular of late.

Concrete staining works great for patios, basements, countertops, and a host of other places that we at Chino Concrete & Masonry can recommend. For the very best from what this unique approach to decorative concrete has to offer, call us at (909) 443-2092 with free estimate.