Chino Retaining Wall

Working on sloppy areas can be hard, especially if you are working on a bigger project. In such places, the soil has to be retained and supported at different levels before working on it. Retaining walls are the structures used solely for this purpose. They bind soil between two different elevations. For instance, a hillside farming project cannot be successful without such a wall. Give us a call today at Chino Concrete and Masonry, and we will make sure your project goes on without problems.

Walls that retain soil play an important role in any project on a sloppy landscape. You need a good concrete contractor to guarantee the strength and durability of the wall. There is no contractor with vast experience in Chino than us.

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Types of Retaining Walls

Different slopes and areas require different types of walls to retain soil. Here are some of the walls our bricklayer can get you to ensure soil is retained.

Diaphragm Walls

A diaphragm wall is one of the most used walls, especially in places with little space is. It is common in urban areas where space is usually a problem. This type of wall is a bit expensive when compared to other walls. But considering it can be built even in a small space it is a good option. Our Chino bricklayer is ready to get you a perfect diaphragm wall at an affordable price.

Anchored Wall

This type of wall is also a good option for places with limited space. The only difference it has from the diaphragm type is that it must be anchored using cable rods. These cable rods are usually placed deep in the ground and concrete used to strengthen them. With an affordable concrete contractor like us, you shouldn’t spend much on an anchored wall.

Cantilevered Walls

Constructed from steel-reinforced concrete and prestress concrete cantilevered walls are the most commonly used walls in brick masonry. Depending on the topography and your preferences, a cantilevered wall can either be made on-site or off-site. Only an expert can get you a perfect cantilevered wall. Talk to us today at Chino Concrete and Masonry for perfect Chino retaining walls to retain soil.

A cantilevered wall uses less concrete than most walls. This makes it an economical choice and a good one for tight budgets. Another good thing with a cantilevered wall is that it can be modified depending on a number of factors like sliding and bearing. If you are looking for a contractor experienced in brick masonry, then you have come to the right place.

Bored Pile

A bored pile wall is constructed by pushing several board piles into the ground and excavating the excess soil. The piles will create resistance to forces that may push the wall. At times anchors are put in the bored piles to increase the resistance. Bored piles are able to resist any lateral pressure even in deep excavations.

Sheet Piling

For a sheet piling wall, steel, wood, or fiberglass is pushed a third of its height into the ground. The rest remains above the ground for support. A sheet piling wall is good for retaining loose soil.

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