Chino Brick Masonry Contractor

Brick is commonly used as the basic building unit. It comes in rectangular size, with a length and width ratio of 2:1. The height varies. Brick masonry is the technical skill of laying bricks over one another, on a layer of mortar in a systematic manner. It builds a vertical homogenous mass, commonly used as a wall, the basis of any building. It withstands external forces without being disintegrated.

Your essential requirement is brick masonry if you are planning for the construction of a building or any other structure. One of the leading brick masonry contractors in Chino for all your needs in Chino Concrete & Masonry. Call us at (909) 443-2092 and get your project running straight away!

Types of Bricks Used in Brick Masonry

  • Solid Bricks have no holes, depressions, or cavities
  • Perforated bricks have gaps that do not exceed 25% of the gross volume of the brick.
  • Frogged Bricks have depressions in one or more bed faces. But, it should not exceed 20% of the gross amount of brick.
  • Cellular Bricks have cavities or depressions that exceed 20% of the total volume of the brick.

Bond of Bricks and Its Importance in Brick Masonry

  • Bricks should be so arranged while laying that the vertical joints don’t fall over each other.
  • Bond is required to be provided for achieving a composite mass as immediately as possible, to the desired height, length, and thickness of brickwork and stresses put on it.
  • To break the continuity of vertical joints and for proper bondage of brick masonry, closers or bats (cut portions) of bats are provided in alternative courses.

Criteria for a Good Brick Masonry Work

  • Accuracy and Tolerances of structural frames, adjacent elements, and designated openings
  • Appearance, It should be aesthetically pleasing throughout the entire height of the brickwork.
  • Durability can be assured by using the right kind of bricks and mortars, as required by the degree of exposure. We at Chino Concrete & Masonry ensure it by putting insulating materials underneath water tightness protection.
  • Structural performance is based on the lintel, footing, wind posts, hangers, shelf angles, and cavity wall ties. We never lay bricks for more than 1.5 meters per day.
  • Weather-Tightness: We ensure this by avoiding mortar protrusion and dropping and cleaning and filling the cavity thoroughly.
  • Thermal Accommodation is guaranteed by providing insulating layers.

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