Chino Concrete Leveling

In civil construction, concrete leveling is a practice for correcting the uneven concrete surface by changing the surface on which the cover is made to be placed. This cheaper practice is adopted instead of pouring replacement concrete. Besides, private homes and small businesses, concrete leveling is also done on more significant projects such as airports, factories, and warehouses.

In poorly designed sidewalk or patio slabs, watercourse may be directed towards the basement level of a structure. If any of these factors are likely to affect your construction, always hire an experienced construction contractor like Chino Concrete & Masonry. You contact them at [909] 443-2092.

Reasons for Settlement

Inconsistency of moisture in the soil makes the concrete slab susceptible to settlement. According to the fluctuation of humidity, the soil may expand and contract during the rainy and dry season. Places with improper drainage systems may cause soil erosion leading to concrete settlement. The basement of homes are backfilled, but not compacted properly. This may also require excessive agreement.

3-Steps Process

The process of concrete leveling is also known as mud jacking. Instead of pouring new concrete, we fill any void under the slab with a slurry mixer of limestone. The depressed portion of concrete is slightly raised and brought to its correct position.

  1. Holes of 1- inch diameter are drilled at strategic locations where the concrete block is sunken
  2. The slurry is made of finely crushed dense limestone aggregate or sometimes Portland cement. The slurry is then pumped into the holes. The void flows under the concrete slab, and with the pressure exerted by it, the entire concrete slab rises. Two essential factors in conducting this step are drilling the strategic location, and the right quantity of slurry materials need to be injected.
  3. The holes are filled with non-shrinking grout so that the slab looks almost new.

Common Concrete Leveling Applications


Sunken concrete occurs every season by collecting water beneath. This leads to soil erosion. The temperature variation of the winter-summer cycle may lead to cracking of the entire concrete sidewalk. We can take care of it!

Concrete Driveway

A firm foundation of the driveway can prevent cracking and sinking. Moreover, it enhances the appearance of your home or business, and we will help!


If the winter and summer cycle has made your steps uneven, we have the expertise to repair your concrete steps from the beginning to the end.


If sunken, we can raise your old patio and restore it to the almost-new condition. We will stabilize the underlying foundation as well. Call us to learn more.

Pool Decks

We can restore your uneven swimming pool deck, irrespective of whether it is a simple repair or entire leveling.

Porch Leveling

Our skilled professionals can lift and restore the up-level porch to its original condition. Just get in touch!


Even if you can’t empty the room, we can level your interior concrete by cutting holes on the carpet or removing the tiles and making it even good-looking.

Garage Floor

A concrete garage floor can lift or sink irrespective of the walls due to various reasons. If the settlement is not uniform, our experts can determine the best course of action to restore it.

For any Chino concrete leveling, you can contact us at Chino Concrete & Masonry, and we will be more than happy to serve you. Get in touch with us at (909) 443-2092.