Chino Concrete Finishing

Concrete finishing done the right way always shows. The client gets exactly what he or she wanted, whether it be a completely smooth pour troweled to blemishless perfection or a slightly more rough surface to prevent slips and falls. The passage of time brings out a well-done job even more. The client’s finish remains intact after heavy use. It has withstood wind, rain, and heat. We see no cracks, breakage, or blisters. The finishers have done their job with professional care—the kind of professional care you always get when you choose Chino Concrete and Masonry concrete finishing services.

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What is Concrete Finishing?

Concrete finishing is the process where the concrete is poured, finished, protected, and repaired. It is the actual application of your concrete plus maintenance—such as concrete sealing and resurfacing— over the long term. Concrete finishing often involves the setting of a frame, or form, with the proper depth and angles to meet a client’s request. Once poured, the concrete is spread and leveled off for smoothing.

Our professional contractors are well-versed in the craft. Their years of experience provide you, our client, with the guarantee of a completed project that reaches the apex of your lofty standards.

A completely smooth finish is probably the most basic kind of surface used for concrete. Chino Concrete and Masonry achieves this look with 360-degree precision. We never deviate from the goal you have in mind, and the only corners we cut are the ones we bevel to prevent cracking. When deciding on smooth concrete, it’s best to assure that it never gets walked on when wet, as this kind of finish tends to get slippery.

Textured Finish

Should the idea of treacherous terrain make you skittish, giving the concrete surface a textured finish for a better grip is always an option? One of the most common techniques is called a broom finish. How you’re picturing it is pretty much exactly what it is:  The bristles of a broom are gently dragged over the surface of freshly poured concrete, creating ridges that, when dry, provide a little more traction for traffic.

Exposed Aggregate

Another method used to achieve a slip-resistant texture is exposed aggregate, which is achieved by washing the top layer of the concrete away, which reveals the edges of natural stones that make up the concrete. Another still is the salt finish, a popular choice for swimming pool deck and concrete patios, which is the process of applying rock salt to the surface of wet concrete and washing it way, whereby tiny pockmarks are left that facilitate passage.

It is, of course, a part of the wisdom that the safety of you and yours should never come in second. We meet requests for slip-resistant finishes with full solemnity for their true purpose.

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Chino Concrete and Masonry comes to the aid of its clients with fully trained, expert contractors ready to build the project you envision, smooth or rough, slick or scuffed, right down to the last granule.

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